Mexico is one of the beautiful places in the world known and visited for relaxation and pleasure. The ambiance of the country is top-notch in all services, ranging from resorts to restaurants and parks. TOP 10 PARKS TO VISIT IN MEXICO The Tulum National Park: This location is an eco-archaeological place located on Mexico’s Yucatán … Read more

scenario of the Lord of the Rings

The film trilogy ¨The Lord of the Rings”¨ has been one of the Hollywood productions that has achieved more awards in the history of cinema, obtaining a total of 4 Golden Globes awards, 10 BAFTA awards and 17 Oscar awards. It was a work that marked a before and after in the era of digital … Read more


Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland stands as the largest and most populous city in this nation. It is also its economic hub, as it is home to the headquarters of the country’s most important banks and businesses and carries out much of the commercial activity. It is valued internationally as one … Read more

New Electronic Visa For New Zealand Launch

Once a lost island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has now become a mainstream tourist destination and receives millions of visitors from around the world every year. Some of those who travel to Aotearoa are looking to photograph the country’s breathtaking landscapes, others hope to find tranquillity in the peacefulness of … Read more

Visiting New Zealand

New Zealand’s tourism industry hasn’t stopped picking up pace since the premiere of the first The Lord of The Rings. Nowadays, it is difficult to meet someone who either hasn’t been or doesn’t want to visit the Land of The Long White Cloud – or a popular travel-related Instagram profile that doesn’t feature the country’s … Read more

New Zealand Visa Requirements Explained

Anyone who has been to New Zealand has seen and felt the things that make this country such a unique place on earth. The tranquil beaches of the Bay of Islands and the Coromandel Peninsula, the surreal mineral pools of Rotorua, Taupo and The Tongariro National Park, the wild Abel Tasman National Park – the … Read more

New Zealand will become of forty-one countries around the world to charge a tourism tax, when their IVL is implemented on 1st October 2019. The levy will address the environmental footprint tourism leaves on local infrastructure and resources and see to it that tourists pay their way in this respect, rather than persisting with having … Read more